If this doesn’t get you itchin’, I don’t know what will.

A child in Little Bear’s preschool has the chicken pox, despite being vaccinated.

A child in Belle’s grade has lice.


I’ve never had lice and I’ve never had chicken pox. They are recommending a booster shot of the varicella vaccine for kids now, but there isn’t enough supply this year.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by?!?


4 Responses to “If this doesn’t get you itchin’, I don’t know what will.”

  1. LICE!!! NOOOOOO! Ick. That and pink eye are my worst parenting fears. Best wishes you all stay clear!

  2. Oh no! Hope you’re able to eliminate them soon.

  3. LICE…. what is the school doing about it? Don’t they send the child with lice home?

  4. My son is in first grade and just came home with a note that someone in the class has lice, but he checked out ok. Eeeeeew.

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