As promised

Here’s the long awaited birthday pics!

We’ll start with Little Lamb’s first birthday:

She’s wearing the same outfit Belle wore to her first birthday party. 🙂


She was seriously excited about opening the presents! She seemed to know that it was a special day.


Here is a shot of the cake. It’s the same one I made for Belle and Little Bear for their first birthdays (LB’s was blue), except it’s only one layer. It’s a Martha from the wonderful Martha Stewart Baby magazine. Oh how I miss those! They have a similar on online (one bowl chocolate cake), but it isn’t exactly the same and it doesn’t show the decorations. I made one recipe and baked one layer for Little Lamb and another for Belle.


And here’s a cute pic of Little Lamb enjoying her cake. It’s a little fuzzy, but the expression is worth it! She was rather intrigued by the plate (her first) and ending up throwing it on the floor. Thank goodness for Corelle!


Now we have Belle’s birthday!

She received this fun microphone from her Mimi and Grandad. Can you tell she’s excited here?


Here’s the cake I made for Belle at home. The coloring is modeled after her most favorite stuffed bunny, Sleeping Beauty. I used a bunny shaped pan that I bought at World Market in an after-Easter sale.


We celebrated Belle’s birthday again this weekend at her party. We have some fun pictures I’ll share another time. Must get dinner on the table!


4 Responses to “As promised”

  1. The whacky sizing of the photos is killing me, but it’ll have to do for now.

  2. Such pretty girls! Happy Birthday all around.

  3. Awe! what beauties 🙂

  4. Mary Beth Hoover Says:

    They look precious. I am so sad it is the second birthday of Claire’s we’ve missed and we were at Blaine and Claire’s first birthday parties 😦 I won’t cry this year (I definitely would have cried last year!) I’ll take a photo of Grace holding her matching doll and send it to you. Can you take a pic of Claire holding her doll? -mb

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