A rant…

Generally speaking I find watching JS and JT a rewarding experience. They are nice boys who like Little Bear and Little Lamb (ok, JS mostly ignores Little Lamb but he’s only 2.5). They have, however, made me realize what little mess my kids make when eating.

Now there are certain foods that will make a mess no matter what-saltine and ritz crackers, crusty bread, Life cereal-but most foods don’t generally make that much mess. At least that’s what I thought! On Mondays when I keep JS in the morning and JT in the afternoon, I often have to sweep the floor after snack and then do it again after lunch. Today I vacuumed the floors after lunch. Some of the mess was from Little Lamb and Little Bear as they had ritz crackers, but a disproportionate amount of the mess was from JT. Who ate a PBJ sandwich (on super soft white sandwich bread) and a fruit roll-up. How can that be messy??? After I vacuumed the family room, kitchen, high chair and booster seat, JT asked if he could eat his dessert. “Sure” I said. And he sat at the table and proceeded to make another enormous mess! A bag of mini chips ahoy cookies. I can see making a little mess with those. But really? Right after I vacuumed!!!!????!!!

I’m not blaming little JT. He doesn’t mean to do it. I’ve just learned to appreciate my children a little more lately. And that, I’m reminding myself, (grumble, grumble) is a good thing!

For the record, JT’s Mom packs his lunches. Just in case you were wondering where the nutrition was…

Off to clean the table and JT’s chair. Don’t get me started on the table and chairs!!


One Response to “A rant…”

  1. I have found the same thing is true about my niece and some of our friends’ kids. I gripe about our floors, but then they come over and i’m suddenly aware of how relatively neat our kids are!

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