A sticky situation

I’ve been so hit or miss with the posts lately that I realized I never told you about a little discussion with Belle. Understand that Belle has only attended church affiliated schools up until this year, so singing songs of prayer before snack or lunch is normal to her. We don’t generally say prayers at our meals at home because I don’t think my husband would appreciate it. Sometimes Belle will ask to sing one from school and we always oblige her.

As her birthday approached, we made plans to bring cupcakes to school. She was very excited to have me come up to school to celebrate. She happened to ask me a few days before why they don’t sing prayers before snack or lunch and I said something like you just don’t do that at this school. I was caught a little off guard, I guess, and didn’t have a good explanation. Then she announced that she was going to sing her prayer from preschool when I brought her cupcakes. So, I had to give her a little more explanation. It made me sad to tell her she couldn’t sing her sweet song. Partly because I’d love for her to be in a private Christian school and partly because I realized that while she is surrounded by loving teachers, there will be something lacking in her education that I will have to supply. I’ve taken a bit of a back seat on these matters, trying to balance my beliefs with those of my husband. Now I am the sole person that can meet those needs. We’ve found a church we (Belle and I) like. Little Bear and Little Lamb seem to like the nursery-there’s only one class for all kids 0-2. They do have Sunday School, but we haven’t been yet. I didn’t want to push Belle to early knowing that Kindergarten has been such a big hurdle for her. Maybe it’s time now.

Anyone out there have any ideas or tips for me?


One Response to “A sticky situation”

  1. What a dilemma, and one, no doubt, that Belle will spend hurdling the rest of her life…

    An interesting situation: with her pure innocent heart, she wanted to sing her prayer before her own birthday cupcakes. Yet because she is in a public school, that had to be shushed. You know, if she were of any other religion, the teachers would have welcomed her prayer as being “culturally educational” for the kids… funny how Christianity is now the only religion that it’s acceptible to discriminate against…

    As for you feeling like you are alone in teaching Belle about your faith – it’s a touch road, but be strong and be honored that God has given you a heart for Him! You aren’t pushing her if it is motivated by the truth you believe. If we are created by God to serve and worship Him, then by teaching her about Him, you are helping her become the very youg lady God designed her to be!

    Hang in there, and I’ll be praying for you!

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