J worked seriously long hours last week and through the whole weekend. I’m still recovering. Thus, you get little tidbits of our week:

One day Belle told me a boy in her class (the one who doesn’t behave!) colored in her lunch box with a marker. She and her friend told the teacher and she made him clean it up.

Little Lamb is so close to walking. She pulls up on me or some piece of furniture, lets go with her hands in the air and a huge smile on her face, takes one step and falls forward into my lap. It’s so precious.

Another day Belle told me a different boy spanked her on the bottom during small group work. Apparently she was in his way. The aid saw it happen and made him go talk to the teacher about it.

Little Bear has (mostly) spontaneously told me he loves me twice! I’m a big “I love you!” person and say it every chance I get. I do ask him to say “I love you, Mommy” and he always obliges me. I figure if you don’t teach them to say it, how will they know? Just like please and thank you. Anyway, twice now Little Bear has responded to me with “Luh yu, Mommy!” without me asking. It warms my heart!

Little Lamb is progressing with her speech far more quickly than I expected. We play peek-a-boo but instead of using those words I say, “Where’s ____?” And then, when he/she reveals themself, I say “There you are!” Now Little Lamb will parrot back the same tone I use but say something like “Dere luh lah” I wasn’t sure I believed it at first, but J witnessed it last night and there’s no denying it!

Today Belle told me a different boy in her class lifted up her shirt one day last week. I told her that was a MAJOR no, no and to tell a teacher immediately if it happens again.

An all girls school is sounding better and better!

Now I hear Belle coughing in bed. She was fine when I put her in bed at 8:30 and now at 10 she is coughing! Ugh. Much as I want Fall and the cool temps to come, I am not looking forward to the illnesses that come along with them.


One Response to “Tidbits”

  1. Hey,
    Sorry it’s been so long. This comment is actually about your last post. I admire you so much for staying strong in your faith despite the fact that your husband is not a believer.
    About the school situation. I say, if she wants to sing a song before cupcakes, then let her. The rules here in TX might be a little different, but we were told that we were not, as teachers, allowed to bring up Christianity, but if a student wanted to lead a prayer or song, then that was okay. Besides, what will they do? Kick her out of public school because she sang a song before passing out cupcakes? That’s ridiculous. I say,”Let her sing!” I guess I’m slightly a rebel in that way, but she will learn an important lesson that she stood up for her faith despite the fact that it wasn’t “socially acceptable” to do at her school. I’ll get off my soap box about that.
    As far as Bible class, I say the earlier the better. She may not fully understand now, but she will be storing up treasures in her heart that will last for a lifetime. Whether you know it or not, you are already teaching her by your modeling of how a Christian behaves. A really good website I found is called: childrendesiringgod.org They have lots of good ideas and curriculum for children. We bought the foundation verses and Landon already has the first ten commited to memory. What a blessing to fill your child’s mind with scripture. You’d be amazed at what those little sponges can soak up.
    Miss you,

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