Halloween Fun!!

We had such a fun halloween here at the depechemom abode. The kids all happily wore their costumes-Little Lamb even left her hood on all night and Little Bear made it almost all night with his ears.


Both Belle’s and LB’s schools do Book Character parties instead of straight Halloween parties, so that influenced our decisions. Belle is dressed as a mouse from Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse. [I scored Belle’s copy through a Scholastic Book Order for under $2!] I’m sad I didn’t get a head to toe shot of her with her red boot covers. I’ll have to dress her in it again sometime, or at least the boots! I made her ears, a crown (which she elected not to wear), the cape, the tail, the purse, and the boot “slipcovers”. It was all super easy sewing which I just made up as I went along. Except the purse, that’s a pattern from the Bend the Rules book. The dress is just a simple knit dress which I purchased and she can wear it all winter and spring.

Little Bear is the puppy dog from Poky Little Puppy, or at least a close facsimile. I made his ears, the tail, the pants (who knew it would be so difficult to find white sweatpants??), and sewed the spots on the shirt and pants. I had a little trouble with the pants at first-stupid pattern directions can be so vague sometimes!! I also discovered it is quite difficult to remove stitches from fleece, esp. since I had the machine set on teeny tiny stitches from all the curves from the ears.

Little Lamb is a jaguar-completely and totally purchased and worn two years prior by her brother. She didn’t seem to mind. Plus it was nice and warm for our cold Halloween night.

J was able to get home at an early hour so we could all eat dinner together and then head out to trick-or-treat. I think I’ll be putting most of the candy away to save for rainy days. That’s about all LB has eaten the past few days-his appetite is completely shot from this cold, but somehow candy always sounds good. The poor kid hasn’t been able to breathe through his nose in over three weeks.

I am so excited to have J home this whole weekend. It’s been several weeks since we’ve had two consecutive days together. I don’t imagine we’ll do anything too spectacular with the kids still recovering from their colds, but just having him around to hug whenever I want is enough!


One Response to “Halloween Fun!!”

  1. So cute! I wish my kids would leave their hats/ears on! Hope your family has a great weekend together!

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