Lies I tell my children

I work hard to be honest with my children. I give them solid answers to the endless “why?” questions. I explain the decisions I make that might not always be what they wanted. But sometimes, a little lie is necessary.

We have a Dora game for our Nintendo Game Cube. It’s a super easy game with no way to “die” and no time clock. Belle gets to play Dora because she knows what to do. What I mean is, she can navigate the game rather than just mash all the buttons like her brother. That being said, Little Bear whole heartedly believes that his controller moves Boots. It doesn’t do anything. But they don’t argue over who gets what, and that’s one lie I’m willing to tell.

Belle is big into sounding out words these days. She’s making excellent progress, but she obviously doesn’t always spell things correctly. I always say “That’s great sounding out!” when she’s put forth a great effort, but spelled things wrong. Tonight she pushed a little further.

She had written “Dorru and Dego” for Dora and Diego. I was satisfied with her attempt and gave her my usual answer. She wanted to know if it was right. I kept saying what a great job she had done, how all that matters is that she tries her best, blah, blah, blah. But she wanted to know if the names were real. And I said yes.

I’m not a fan of “creative spelling” once she understands the English language a little better, but I don’t want her getting caught up in having everything perfect. If she asks direct questions about spelling I am honest. She’s so enthusiastic about reading and writing right now, I don’t want to chance discouraging her.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Lies I tell my children”

  1. I usually just re-sound out the word with Pig Will so that we get it right together… that seems to satisfy her.

  2. Both. I only tell Grace the correct spelling if she asks, “Is this right?”

    Luke can write his name now! And almost any letter!

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