To Do Today

First, our Thanksgiving isn’t until Friday because J is on call tomorrow. Here is my plan of what I hope to accomplish today.

1. Clean up the incredibly messy kitchen. I was struck with a horrible case of heart burn all day yesterday thanks to a chili dinner on Monday night. (The wasn’t even that good, which made the pain that much worse.) I’m better this morning, but it was all I could do to empty the dishwasher yesterday. done!!, done!!, done!!

2. Make the pie crusts for the apple pie. done!!

3. Make corn bread for dressing. done!!

4. Go to store to get last few Thanksgiving necessities. done!!

5. Make cookies for munching today and tomorrow.done!!

6. Make chocolate sauce for Thanksgiving dessert (pate au choux/cream puffs). done!!

7. Wash clothes. Consider folding and sorting them. Laugh at putting them away. Pray that tomorrow it won’t be quite so laughable. done!! (read: I washed them, I considered folding them but chose to sleep instead, and I laughed at putting them away today.)

8. Continue to try to hide the side-effects of above mentioned indigestion. done!!

9. Insert links in this post and finish crafty linking post.

10. Curse wordpress for making me reset the spacing every time I edit this post. done!!

11. Laugh that wordpress doesn’t recognize wordpress as a word. done!!


3 Responses to “To Do Today”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, you added some DONES! πŸ™‚ Miss you guys, hope to see you this holiday season. We’ll call tomorrow.

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    How do you have time to post the list? And how do you remember? I can barely remember who I told what, and when the last time I cleaned the dishes or did laundry was. I have been so busy with music rehearsals and lessons for me and Gracie, plus subbing, and goofing off with Luke. Jason and I are going to try to goof off πŸ™‚ Do you know a favorite friend of ours that is named after a saint has sex almost every day!!!??

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