quick tip

Just popping in to leave a quick tip for you. Tis the season for colds and such which invariably leads to a round of antibiotics or two. I struggle with remembering how many times I’ve given the meds that day as well as keeping track of when we’re all finished. This is the best method I’ve come up with to help me remember. I take an index card, number how ever many days are prescribed, then mark an A and B (for two doses per day). Each time I give the dose, I check off the appropriate spot. If I miss a dose, I skip that mark and come back to it at the end.


It’s not fool proof (I forgot Little Bear’s a couple of times which has extended us by a day), but it definitely help. Little Lamb developed quite a nasty case of pink eye yesterday. We’ve got some ointment-sooo much easier with little ones than drops-so she’ll be on the mend quickly. It has put quite a kink in getting that Christmas photo taken! Some day…

Have a nice night. Tomorrow is the pajama party at Belle’s school. We’re all quite excited! 🙂


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