The list has shrunk by one item…

I had such high hopes of making things by hand this Christmas. Time’s not up yet, and a few things can actually wait until just after Christmas day (because my parents will be taking them back with them on the 29th). I did manage to get one thing completed last night.

It seems my memory is not exactly 20/20 as I really thought I had made a stocking (but not quite finished) for Little Lamb. As I unpacked the decorations this year, I found no stocking for her. I looked back through the pictures only to discover I had used an old one from college. Stink! I desperately did not want another year to go by without an official depechemom stocking for her so I set my mind to it last night. I finished putting it together this morning and now it hangs on the mantle with the others. I made J’s and mine our first married Christmas and have since added one for each child as well as a tree skirt. I’d like to show you a picture of the skirt, but it is covered with presents! My mom and I will be working on making it a little more substantial when she’s here.

I wish I could show you the stockings hung by the fire place, but a line on the floor (with the tops folded down) will have to do.



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  1. Merry Christmas 🙂

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