Edible fun

Belle loves a good family movie night, especially one that involves a yummy treat like popcorn. Well, we’re fresh out of popcorn so I had to improvise. I’d put back a bag of large pretzels and some of those melting candies for Christmas gifts, but never got around to making them.

And so the fun began. First, I melted the leftover chocolate from our fondue night (the day after Christmas) with my parents. Then, I melted red, green, and white candies. Lastly, I laid a large piece of wax paper on the counter and placed a fork in each bowl. The kids and I had so much fun drizzling the chocolate and candies over the pretzels.

Brings new meaning to belly up to the bar…


Mmmmm, so yummy!


Yes, we did get some of the chocolate and candies on the pretzels…



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