4 hours

That is the amount of time Belle has spent at school in a full weeks time, spread over two days. Last Thursday, as I took her to school, it began snowing. The weather people all predicted a big storm for our area. Most of the local districts closed beforehand. Belle’s district decided not to cancel. I got a call from the automated system one hour into the school day that they were closing early. She spent all of 2 hours at school on Thursday.

Having caught some heat for ignoring the 100% winter weather forecasts on Thursday (which lead to 4″ of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain), the district cancelled school for Friday by 5pm on Thursday. And of course the roads were completely clear on Friday.

Monday was a holiday for MLK, Jr.

Tuesday, I sent her to school despite and incredibly whiney disposition. 2 hours in to school the nurse called to say she had a 103 degree temp.

We went to the doctor and she has Strep. We got the antibiotics filled. She’s slowly on the mend-no fever today but still incredibly whiney, sleepy, and listless.

Yesterday also happened to be my birthday. 33 years old. As my dear friend from college said, “You’re a palindrome now!”

That’s about all I’ve got.


2 Responses to “4 hours”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And all I can think about Belle is how awesome it was when you went to the nurse and you really did have a temperature and you really did get to go home. Woo-hoo!
    I mean, not for you, of course. I hope your week improves. Hugs from me.

  2. Happy Birthday. 33? So young! And well, at least no one threw up? Hope the antibiotics kicked in quick.

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