what I do

If you’ve ever wondered just what I do when I’m not diapering, feeding, playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning the house, or surfing the web…well here’s a little peek at some of my recent crafting endeavors. There’s a little ribbon crafting, a little sewing, and some attempts at organization happening here.


And just because I love nothing more that catching my kids being the wonderful little people that they are, here’s a pic of them snuggling on the sofa the other day. Sweet Little Bear with his arm around Little Lamb as she’s nestled snuggly between her siblings. This is definitely what it’s all about!!


Belle is on the mend. Not quite normal yet-still a bit whiney, occasionally still says her tummy hurts, and hardly eating anything, but definitely better. I do believe she may make it to school tomorrow!!


One Response to “what I do”

  1. I love to hear good stuff!!!
    And look at your sweet little ones šŸ™‚

    My 4 year old is finally on the mend -why are there SO many germs going around this time of year- ugh!

    Good for you… Victory šŸ™‚

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