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Movie for your weekend

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J and I signed up for the free 2 week trial of Netflix over the weekend. We go to the movie store, but find it so overwhelming that we walk out with nothing even though there are TONS of movies we haven’t seen.

J searched around, read various recommendation lists, and selected two movies for us and one for the kids. Last night we watched Once. Oh my goodness!! If you have not seen it yet, you must check it out this weekend. That is, if you like music. I guess if you really don’t like music, you might not like the movie. But how can you NOT like music??? It has a romantic undertone, but is by no means a chick flick.

J immediately purchased the soundtrack off itunes.

I’ve got to go jump in the bath before JS comes. Trust me, it’s awesome. Watch it. The end. 🙂


My turn!

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J was off this weekend, which basically means every moment he wasn’t tending to the kids (or me), he was on the laptop. I’ve been itching to get a post out, but couldn’t wrangle the computer away from him!

So Thursday morning I took Little Bear in to the doc for his leg. She found his most tender spot by palpating around his leg and watching for him to squirm. Three year olds are funny-You ask if what you are doing is ok, they say yes. You ask them if it hurts, they say yes. We went for an X-ray to rule out a hairline fracture and it was negative. It’s entirely possible that it wouldn’t show for a week, but they wouldn’t treat him any differently since he can walk. He’s still limping around, but it certainly hasn’t slowed him down at all!

I’ve had to move my PT eval a few times, but I think I’m set now for next week. J will actually be off of work that week, so I shouldn’t have to take anyone with me! Ultimately, my goal is to try to go while Little Bear is in school so I only have to take Little Lamb. The most difficult one to deal with for sure. But at least it’s just one!

I’m not feeling all that creative with my writing-or anything really-lately. I sort of feel like I’m just throwing stuff up here so I can say I’ve posted, but I’m not exactly loving it! I’m hoping to shake this lack-of-creativity bug soon. Take care you all!!

The verdicts

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I started this entry on Sunday night…sorry for the extended delay!

So this is what we know now:

*Little Lamb does not have celiac nor does she have a wheat allergy

*We will spend the next few weeks first reintroducing milk into her diet and then trying gluten again and seeing what happens

*I don’t know what the plan will be if she returns to the diarrhea once we try gluten again

*I do indeed have an ovarian cyst. According to J, it’s completely benign so long as it doesn’t grow so big it causes my ovary to twist. Sounds fun, huh? I go back to my doc on Tuesday to discuss the MRI and probably the cyst as well.

On another note, Little Bear has been in underwear for a full two weeks now! He still sleeps in a Pull-Up, mostly because he likes them and I still have some-so why not?

There’s a woman on TV making a dish called “African Ground Nut Stew”. Seriously?? That sounds disgusting!!

It is Wednesday now. I saw my doc on Tuesday to review my MRI. It was a very short visit. He wants me to do physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks. I’m a bit concerned about how I’ll manage the therapy with the kids…

What else??? Little Bear has been limping around on his left leg for three days now. When I can get him to pinpoint the pain, it is in his knee just under the knee cap. Most of the time he is completely unfazed by it, but when he’s been sitting (or sleeping) for a while and gets up, he cries from the pain. I’ll be calling the pediatrician in the morning about that one. It’s quite a mystery to me.

Please keep us, with all our crazy physical ailments, in your prayers. I am diligently trying to take time each day to pray for all of you, my readers. Those I know about, and those I don’t! If you have any specific concerns, please pass them along to me-depechemommy (at) gmail (dot) com if you don’t want to leave it in the comments.

Today’s findings

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Little Bear and Little Lamb saw the doctor this morning for well-check visits and I had a pelvic ultrasound (I’ll explain that later). This is what we’ve learned today:

1. LB has fluid (clear) behind his ears! Maybe that’s why he hasn’t seemed to hear me as well lately.

2. LL had blood drawn to test for Celiac, a wheat allergy (allergies and intolerances are totally different things), and a basic chem panel. We will hopefully have the results by Friday.

3. I had an MRI on my back on Saturday to check for bulging disks (none!) but they noticed a 4-5cm cyst-like structure in my pelvis. The sono tech said it looked like a cyst to her, but we’ll have to wait for the doc’s report to be sure.

J’s using the laptop so I’m on the floor on the desktop. Have to keep it short…

I’ll keep you updated with our medical issues as I know things.


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Belle’s been wanting to see a basketball game. I knew it would cost too much money to see a college game, so I said maybe a high school game. It turns out that the last game is tonight. I called the school to find out about cost. $5 per person. Even kids. It would cost $20 to take myself and the kids. That is ridiculous!! Belle shrieked when I told her we couldn’t go…

What’s left?

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It got these “Pretzel Rings” for Little Lamb today. They are Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Milk-Free, Lactose-Free, and Egg-Free. So my question is…what’s holding these things together???

She seems to really like them. They are light, airy, and therefore easy for her to eat. And they satisfy that need for something crunchy to throw in a bowl that she can carry around and spread crumbs all over the house!

The Grand Experiment

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***If you can’t handle talk of poopy diapers, then read no further!***

[Also, this is really long. I want a written record of my thoughts and feelings through this process, so forgive me for being a bit long-winded.]

Long time readers will know that Little Lamb was not the easiest of babies. It wasn’t just that she didn’t sleep well. It wasn’t just that she was fussy. It wasn’t just her unbelievably shrill scream. It was all these things together, and so much more.

I have always been suspicious that there was something behind her disposition. In fact, I all but begged the pediatrician for a referral to an allergist when she was 7 months old. The skin tests were all negative. The resident was ready to order a blood test, but the attending said no go. The rash was not quite right. “Some babies are just fussy.” “Yeah, right. You try living with her!” was what I wanted to say to him. But of course, I didn’t.

I’ve since mentioned to the pediatricians (we see a practice of 5 or so docs, but there are two women we see most often) that her poopy diapers just don’t seem right. It was first dismissed as being young-an underdeveloped digestive system. Then it was dismissed as a matter of volume of liquid intake compared to solids intake. She was gaining weight, so I understand why they were not as alarmed as I. But the diapers were getting worse. No longer just mushy, but true diarrhea all the time.

Just after Christmas (when J was around more often to witness the state of the diapers), he suggested we try Lactaid. Within 24 hours she improved greatly. I was so excited thinking I had finally found the answer. The improvement lasted about 3-4 days, but slowly returned to mushy, then worse. I cut out all cheese and yogurt with no change.

When Belle was at the doctor for strep, I asked her about Little Lamb. I told her about the short term improvement and she suggested getting some Pro Biotic to see if she might have somehow killed the “good” bacteria that live in the lining of your stomach. I bought the powder, but saw no results. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse.

I started looking more seriously at what she was eating on the days when the diarrhea was the worst. She’s in that typical baby phase (at least typical for my kids) in between baby food and being willing to eat a variety of foods. Each of my kids has gone through this same phase where basically all they really eat are carbs and fruit, usually at least with cheese and yogurt mixed in (but not for Little Lamb). She was eating 2 Eggo waffles for breakfast, dry cereal and veggie/fruit puffs for snacks, crackers or bread at lunch, graham crackers for afternoon snack, and so on and so forth.

In doing some research, I began to wonder if she might have a gluten intolerance. She had a terrible cold last week, but I also knew we have an appointment this Wednesday for a check-up with the pediatrician. So I decided to do a little experiment: remove all sources of gluten from her diet for the week prior to the appt and see if there was any difference in her diapers.

The results thus far are such:

*Gluten is in EVERYTHING “normal” people eat!

*Gluten free food is really expensive! Of the roughly $60 I spent on food last week, $40 was spent on Little Lamb alone. What have the rest of us eaten? Well…not much frankly!

*She has had no more than 2 poopy diapers (and some days only 1!!) a day in 3 or 4 days.

*She has had 2 completely normal poopy diapers in the last 2 days.

*It is absolutely depressing to think that my dear, sweet girl could have no memory of the taste of a crusty loaf of french bread or a Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie.

We do not have a definitive diagnosis at this point. But, I wanted to be able to walk into the doctor’s office on Wednesday with more than just a hunch. I don’t know for certain, but she’ll probably order a blood test and/or possibly refer us to a specialist.

As much as I don’t want her to be glucose intolerant, or worse have celiac, it is nice to think that we might be on the right track to solving the puzzle that is Little Lamb. If this is indeed our new way of life, it is going to take A LOT of trial and error to find food that she’ll eat. A process that will surely be full of much wasted food, money, time, and energy. I only ask that you keep my little baby (as well as the doctors) in your prayers.

Ok, I’m exhausted now! How ’bout you? It’s time to close up shop and hit the bed. Till the next time we meet…….