The Big Fat Dragon

Little Bear’s imagination is really blossoming these days.  I love listening to the stories he creates.    
Today we went over the mountain to the grocery store. Yes, we really do go to “the other side of the mountain” when we go to the store. (As a Texas girl, the idea of driving over the mountains to go to the grocery store still makes me laugh.) On the way home, he began spinning a tale about “The Big Fat Dragon”. Apparently said dragon is a bit accident prone. Come to think of it most of his characters are, as they all wind up falling down and having to go to the hospital. This particular dragon fell down the stairs, broke his head open, and then we took him to the hospital. He’s kind of obsessed with Daddy’s hospital right now, can you tell?

He carried on his tale, saying Big Fat Dragon at least 50 times in our 15 mile treck. It does seem that although the dragon has a little trouble with his weight, he is a fairly nice dragon…He only made fire in his mouth one time-when the bad guys came!


Hmmm, there are large birds circling above the house outside. Hawks or vultures, I’m guessing. I wonder what they’ve spotted?


One Response to “The Big Fat Dragon”

  1. That is too funny. When we were playing spider man together – he kept falling and Little Bear would make him say “ouch”. So cute.

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