Of sleepovers, boobies, and the Trinity

I never know where bedtime conversations with Belle will lead. Little Lamb didn’t nap much today so I put her to bed early. Belle, Little Bear and I snuggled up on the sofa and began reading Little House on the Prairie. Little Bear doesn’t usually join in on such long reads, but he was tired (no nap as well) so he was ready for bed. Little Bear quickly fell asleep on the sofa giving Belle and I some much needed alone time. We continued reading a second chapter, watched the online video of Punxsutawnie Phil, and headed up to bed.

After saying our prayers, the fun began. First, Belle and I planned a night when she can sleep in my bed with me (a day when J will be gone all night). She was so excited about the plan that she gave me a big hug. She felt my bra through my shirt, and then she asked me why “big girls” wear bras. This lead to an interesting discussion of boobies-small ones, big ones, support….you know, the basics. As of right now, Belle is hoping for small boobies like Mommy. In fact, she’s hoping that God-who lives in her heart and can hear everything she says, right?-heard her say she wanted small boobies and will grant her wish. This led to the question “Is God alive?”

And so I described, in a very basic form, the Trinity. First we have the Father-who created everything and has always lived in Heaven; then Jesus, the Son-who lived on Earth, died on Good Friday (which is why we didn’t have a celebration on Ash Wednesday, despite the fact that it is a special day), and rose again on Easter; and finally, the Holy Spirit-who lives in our hearts and helps us know right from wrong. Clearly this is very simplified, but God is a mysterious concept for kids. We’ve had very similar discussions to this one several times over the years, and I know more will come.

And that, my friends, is how you get from sleepovers to boobies to the Trinity!


One Response to “Of sleepovers, boobies, and the Trinity”

  1. Too funny! Only Pig Me Too cares about that middle conversation! I do love how their brains work so fast… 🙂

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