Today’s findings

Little Bear and Little Lamb saw the doctor this morning for well-check visits and I had a pelvic ultrasound (I’ll explain that later). This is what we’ve learned today:

1. LB has fluid (clear) behind his ears! Maybe that’s why he hasn’t seemed to hear me as well lately.

2. LL had blood drawn to test for Celiac, a wheat allergy (allergies and intolerances are totally different things), and a basic chem panel. We will hopefully have the results by Friday.

3. I had an MRI on my back on Saturday to check for bulging disks (none!) but they noticed a 4-5cm cyst-like structure in my pelvis. The sono tech said it looked like a cyst to her, but we’ll have to wait for the doc’s report to be sure.

J’s using the laptop so I’m on the floor on the desktop. Have to keep it short…

I’ll keep you updated with our medical issues as I know things.


One Response to “Today’s findings”

  1. Hope all is well – those baby blood tests are rough.

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