My turn!

J was off this weekend, which basically means every moment he wasn’t tending to the kids (or me), he was on the laptop. I’ve been itching to get a post out, but couldn’t wrangle the computer away from him!

So Thursday morning I took Little Bear in to the doc for his leg. She found his most tender spot by palpating around his leg and watching for him to squirm. Three year olds are funny-You ask if what you are doing is ok, they say yes. You ask them if it hurts, they say yes. We went for an X-ray to rule out a hairline fracture and it was negative. It’s entirely possible that it wouldn’t show for a week, but they wouldn’t treat him any differently since he can walk. He’s still limping around, but it certainly hasn’t slowed him down at all!

I’ve had to move my PT eval a few times, but I think I’m set now for next week. J will actually be off of work that week, so I shouldn’t have to take anyone with me! Ultimately, my goal is to try to go while Little Bear is in school so I only have to take Little Lamb. The most difficult one to deal with for sure. But at least it’s just one!

I’m not feeling all that creative with my writing-or anything really-lately. I sort of feel like I’m just throwing stuff up here so I can say I’ve posted, but I’m not exactly loving it! I’m hoping to shake this lack-of-creativity bug soon. Take care you all!!


2 Responses to “My turn!”

  1. great to hear that his leg is okay and that you will be able to go to pt with only one! Would love to hear from you.

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    I forgot you would be doing pt. Is it for strength or pain relief? I liked reading your posts today. I have been sleeping A LOT lately and not on the web much. Jason thinks I am anemic-I’m going to the dr. tomorrow for check up #1! I hoPe Belle gets her postcard soon.

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