Movie for your weekend

J and I signed up for the free 2 week trial of Netflix over the weekend. We go to the movie store, but find it so overwhelming that we walk out with nothing even though there are TONS of movies we haven’t seen.

J searched around, read various recommendation lists, and selected two movies for us and one for the kids. Last night we watched Once. Oh my goodness!! If you have not seen it yet, you must check it out this weekend. That is, if you like music. I guess if you really don’t like music, you might not like the movie. But how can you NOT like music??? It has a romantic undertone, but is by no means a chick flick.

J immediately purchased the soundtrack off itunes.

I’ve got to go jump in the bath before JS comes. Trust me, it’s awesome. Watch it. The end. 🙂


2 Responses to “Movie for your weekend”

  1. I’m so out of it, I’ve never even heard of it. We just joined Netflix so I’ll definitely add that to our list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Patrick and I loved that movie and he plays the soundtrack all the time. Did you see that one of the songs won an Oscar? Please give the kids hugs for us–we miss you all!!

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