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Man, Little Bear has been so impulsive today! Nearly ever other sentence out of his mouth is “I said I’m sorry!” while one of his sisters is crying over the injustice he has dealt. I’m trying to explain to him to think before he acts…but I’m not so sure it’s sinking in!

Also, Belle has decided to be baptized! A long time ago, J and I agreed that we wouldn’t baptize the kids as babies, but would instead wait until they chose to do it. This isn’t especially typical in the Episcopal church. The priest came over to discuss the service and explain it all to Belle. She (yes, the priest is a female) is so great with kids, despite not having any of her own. She carefully explained each element of the service, and she also translated the wording from the Prayer Book to modern day terms so that she would know what she was saying. My Mom will be in town this weekend so we are doing it then. She (my Mom) is so excited she can hardly stand it!

Lastly, I’m playing around with the image in my header. Feel free to voice your preferences…

That’s what I know today. Riveting, I know.


The annoying thing…

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about kids with strep:

their stomachs feel hungry, they will plead for food, you will lovingly fix said food, they will insist to eat it at the coffee table-not the dreaded dining room table, yet they will eat very little of it, then they will proceed to spill most of it on the floor making a nasty mess which they step all over, and they they will beg for more food because they are “So hungreen!!”

Ahhh, what fun!

It’s Official

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As I came back downstairs after tucking in the older two, I heard a strange sound. It sounded much like a loud cd player spinning. I walked around the room, searching for the source of the noise. Then it struck me. The frogs! They’re back at the pond.

Spring has officially sprung.

On another note, both Little Lamb and Little Bear have strep. We have not made it a full week without some member of our family sick in months. Babies aren’t supposed to get strep, at least not usually. But on Tuesday, Little Lamb had a rash. I didn’t think much of it, figuring it was just her funny skin. Then on Wednesday, Little Bear had the rash too. It’s tiny red bumps that are scratchy like sand paper. Classic strep rash, confirmed with a throat swab by the pediatrician. They’re both on antibiotics. I’m happy to say this is the first time LL has taken antibiotics (not counting the eye ointment for pink eye). 18 months old without a round of meds is remarkable compared to LB-he’s had just about every antibiotic approved for use in kids beginning at his 6 month well baby check.

Oh, and he still has fluid in his ears from his ear infection in Dec. Poor little guy. Or as he says it “wittel guy”.

Back to the laundry sorting. Things are nearly falling apart around here with everyone sick all the time!

Easter fun

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The two weeks leading up to Easter are a bit of a blur. Birthday parties, numerous egg hunts-all great fun but, WOW, so exhausting. Belle got to bowl for the first time at one of the parties. Talk about fun! Well, once I got over the back woods atmosphere of the bowling alley it was fun. I panicked a minute when we first walked in, thinking we have to touch things in here???, but I got over myself and my germ fears and we had a nice time.

Here’s Belle watching the ball roll down the alley. She actually did quite well-several 7’s and 8’s-but the kids were bowling in crazy order so we couldn’t keep score.


She had another birthday party which was an Easter theme. Perfect for those spring parties! They decorated white gift bags with stickers, foamies, and such which became their baskets. The eggs were carefully counted so that each child got the same amount.

Do you ever take a picture of one of your kids that seems to show a glimpse of what they will look like as they grow older? I got one of those of Little Bear at the Easter party:


On Friday we had an egg hunt with playgroup. I didn’t get very many shots this year without J with me. It’s hard keeping tabs on 3 kiddos running amuck in the yard (full of hills and stairs and such) and still get photos! I did manage one cute one…


Over the weekend, we dyed Easter eggs. I stripped down Little Lamb for fear that she would grab a full mug and dump it all over herself. She was actually quite cute chucking the eggs in the cups. Belle and Little Bear took things more seriously, though LB’s hands were green for a few days…



After the eggs dried, we drew on them with Sharpies and put stickers on them. I didn’t trust LL to hold the eggs, so I handed her some stickers and she set to work decorating herself!


Finally, on Easter day, we had our own egg hunt. I filled tons of eggs so the kids had a ball running around filling their baskets too full to carry.

Here’s LB in his first tie. I forgot to size the picture correctly, so you’ll have to click on it to make it bigger.


Please excuse the yucky nose. This little girl HATES having her face cleaned right now. You’ll have to click on this one, too.


Belle’s basket was so full she could barely carry it. She was quite proud of all her loot! It seems J likes taking portrait style photos…click away again!


LL’s vocabulary is growing daily. Two of her latest additions are egg and, of course, candy! 🙂 Spring is coming slowly here. The forsythia, jonquils, and redbuds are in full bloom. The peach trees in my new banner are from last year, but I noticed the date was 3/31. I think we better drive down that way soon!

I’ve spent all the time I can on here. LL is amidst a melt down-too many toys to the head courtesy of her brother. Looks like J won’t get to see her before bed afterall. 😦 I’ll apologize now for any typos. No time to proofread!

Mark this day in infamy

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It is (ok, ok, yesterday it was) March 24-the day AFTER Easter-and it snowed three times at my house! THREE times!!

For some of you in the crazy cold states (you know who you are 🙂 ), this is nothing. But for me and all you southern folks, that is just ridiculous! It wasn’t enough to turn the ground white or anything-every time it would almost stick it would switch to rain. But it was quite strange nonetheless.

I’ll get some Easter picks up pretty soon. Our camera is nearly out of battery-my husband has misplaced the adapter-so we don’t have lots of pics. But I’ll share a few cuties.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Perhaps this will explain

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Oh my, oh my…how long it’s been since I last posted. It’s just plain sad! There’s much going on around here-illnesses right and left, pesky kids to feed and water, cleaning-oh the cleaning! But, I suppose the pictures below say it best.




Yes, we’re moving…we must be out by the end of May. Where are we moving? Well that, my friends, is the $64 million question! I mean, we’re staying in the same general area. We’re on a waiting list for family housing that, while not pretty, would open so many other doors for us. We’ve searched around for plan B, just in case. But wow…there aren’t not many “plan B” options around here!

So while I’ve planned MANY posts, and even taken photos for them, I just haven’t made it to the computer to post them. I have to admit, I’ve kind of enjoyed taking a back seat for a bit. Reading blogs and commenting as I please. Of course there is always the fear that I’ve lost all 3 (ha :)!!) of my readers.

Little Lamb and I are off to Little Bear’s Easter Egg Hunt today. Should be quite adorable. He’s such a stitch!

I’ll try to get back to share some cute pics.

What would you do?

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When I take the time to gaze about my surroundings, I realize just how easy I have it. One of the poignant, for me, elements of that movie Once is how much we have and simply take for granted. Though it isn’t at all the focus of the movie, I couldn’t help but notice moments like when she says those guys come hang out at her place because she has the only television in the building. Or how she has to raid her daughter’s piggy bank to buy more batteries and then isn’t at all scared by her surroundings on her way back home. I was freaking out for her!

This movie, as well as some other circumstances in our lives right now, has gotten me thinking…what would you do if you knew several of your “creature comforts”* would be gone soon? Would you savor what you have until it’s gone? Or would you try to teach yourself to do without in preparation for the upcoming changes?

I think I’m part of the former group. How about you?

*For me, these comforts are things like a dishwasher, disposal, washer/dryer in my home…etc.

Picture this

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Scene 1:

Belle is trying to teach Little Bear a new song. She has some random stick thing she is using as her conductor’s baton. She has sung through the song a few times for him.

Belle: “Now you try it by yourself. And a 1, and a 2, and a 3,” pausing for him to begin singing.

Little Bear: “4!!”

Not exactly what she was going for, but oh so cute!

Scene 2:

Belle gets to select 2-30 minute shows to watch after school. Today, she picked Scooby Doo. Little Bear was sitting on the sofa next to her.

Belle: “If you get scared, just let me know and I’ll take care of you.”

Little Bear: (before the show even began) “Yes, I scared.”

Belle: “Come here,” arms outstretched.

Little Bear snuggled up next to her, wrapped in her arms for safety. Then, he promptly fell asleep in her arms. So sweet.