Picture this

Scene 1:

Belle is trying to teach Little Bear a new song. She has some random stick thing she is using as her conductor’s baton. She has sung through the song a few times for him.

Belle: “Now you try it by yourself. And a 1, and a 2, and a 3,” pausing for him to begin singing.

Little Bear: “4!!”

Not exactly what she was going for, but oh so cute!

Scene 2:

Belle gets to select 2-30 minute shows to watch after school. Today, she picked Scooby Doo. Little Bear was sitting on the sofa next to her.

Belle: “If you get scared, just let me know and I’ll take care of you.”

Little Bear: (before the show even began) “Yes, I scared.”

Belle: “Come here,” arms outstretched.

Little Bear snuggled up next to her, wrapped in her arms for safety. Then, he promptly fell asleep in her arms. So sweet.


3 Responses to “Picture this”

  1. That is so adorable.

    I love it when siblings “take care” of each other. Mine are usually playing house… but eh, take it when you can get it, right?

  2. ahhhh!! so cute. i can’t wait till i can have some sibling stories like this! thanks for looking at my blog…these things are sooo coool! you can keep up with someone anytime of the day! no worries about that email…i no you are busy with 3 little ones!! keep in touch! a

  3. I love the image of your little guy safely asleep in big sister’s arms… precious!

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