Mark this day in infamy

It is (ok, ok, yesterday it was) March 24-the day AFTER Easter-and it snowed three times at my house! THREE times!!

For some of you in the crazy cold states (you know who you are đŸ™‚ ), this is nothing. But for me and all you southern folks, that is just ridiculous! It wasn’t enough to turn the ground white or anything-every time it would almost stick it would switch to rain. But it was quite strange nonetheless.

I’ll get some Easter picks up pretty soon. Our camera is nearly out of battery-my husband has misplaced the adapter-so we don’t have lots of pics. But I’ll share a few cuties.

Happy Tuesday to you all!


2 Responses to “Mark this day in infamy”

  1. Snow,in the south!!!you could always make some post-easter snow eggs!!LOL
    It’s wednesday now,so happy wednesday to you:0)

  2. Hey, you can always have frozen eggs for Easter if the weather man decides to have snow next year! the only time I have ever seen snow is up in the mountains where I live.

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