Easter fun

The two weeks leading up to Easter are a bit of a blur. Birthday parties, numerous egg hunts-all great fun but, WOW, so exhausting. Belle got to bowl for the first time at one of the parties. Talk about fun! Well, once I got over the back woods atmosphere of the bowling alley it was fun. I panicked a minute when we first walked in, thinking we have to touch things in here???, but I got over myself and my germ fears and we had a nice time.

Here’s Belle watching the ball roll down the alley. She actually did quite well-several 7’s and 8’s-but the kids were bowling in crazy order so we couldn’t keep score.


She had another birthday party which was an Easter theme. Perfect for those spring parties! They decorated white gift bags with stickers, foamies, and such which became their baskets. The eggs were carefully counted so that each child got the same amount.

Do you ever take a picture of one of your kids that seems to show a glimpse of what they will look like as they grow older? I got one of those of Little Bear at the Easter party:


On Friday we had an egg hunt with playgroup. I didn’t get very many shots this year without J with me. It’s hard keeping tabs on 3 kiddos running amuck in the yard (full of hills and stairs and such) and still get photos! I did manage one cute one…


Over the weekend, we dyed Easter eggs. I stripped down Little Lamb for fear that she would grab a full mug and dump it all over herself. She was actually quite cute chucking the eggs in the cups. Belle and Little Bear took things more seriously, though LB’s hands were green for a few days…



After the eggs dried, we drew on them with Sharpies and put stickers on them. I didn’t trust LL to hold the eggs, so I handed her some stickers and she set to work decorating herself!


Finally, on Easter day, we had our own egg hunt. I filled tons of eggs so the kids had a ball running around filling their baskets too full to carry.

Here’s LB in his first tie. I forgot to size the picture correctly, so you’ll have to click on it to make it bigger.


Please excuse the yucky nose. This little girl HATES having her face cleaned right now. You’ll have to click on this one, too.


Belle’s basket was so full she could barely carry it. She was quite proud of all her loot! It seems J likes taking portrait style photos…click away again!


LL’s vocabulary is growing daily. Two of her latest additions are egg and, of course, candy! 🙂 Spring is coming slowly here. The forsythia, jonquils, and redbuds are in full bloom. The peach trees in my new banner are from last year, but I noticed the date was 3/31. I think we better drive down that way soon!

I’ve spent all the time I can on here. LL is amidst a melt down-too many toys to the head courtesy of her brother. Looks like J won’t get to see her before bed afterall. 😦 I’ll apologize now for any typos. No time to proofread!


One Response to “Easter fun”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    I’m jealous! I couldn’t get my flash to work when the kids were decorating eggs; I missed some cute photos.

    Also, I am jealous of your spring. It snowed on Monday! This has been the coldes and most snowfall in Rochester in 20 years. No flowers or green here. Keep posting flower pics!!

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