The annoying thing…

about kids with strep:

their stomachs feel hungry, they will plead for food, you will lovingly fix said food, they will insist to eat it at the coffee table-not the dreaded dining room table, yet they will eat very little of it, then they will proceed to spill most of it on the floor making a nasty mess which they step all over, and they they will beg for more food because they are “So hungreen!!”

Ahhh, what fun!


2 Responses to “The annoying thing…”

  1. Yeah, mine didn’t want sweet cinnamon-gooey bread today…What gives? I am right there with you…cannot wait for the summer months! It may be hot, but at least they will be healthy. Not too many bugs can live through the heat.

  2. Aww… hang in there! I’m dealing with losing my voice and getting them to be quiet enough to hear me talk! Argh!!!

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