Man, Little Bear has been so impulsive today! Nearly ever other sentence out of his mouth is “I said I’m sorry!” while one of his sisters is crying over the injustice he has dealt. I’m trying to explain to him to think before he acts…but I’m not so sure it’s sinking in!

Also, Belle has decided to be baptized! A long time ago, J and I agreed that we wouldn’t baptize the kids as babies, but would instead wait until they chose to do it. This isn’t especially typical in the Episcopal church. The priest came over to discuss the service and explain it all to Belle. She (yes, the priest is a female) is so great with kids, despite not having any of her own. She carefully explained each element of the service, and she also translated the wording from the Prayer Book to modern day terms so that she would know what she was saying. My Mom will be in town this weekend so we are doing it then. She (my Mom) is so excited she can hardly stand it!

Lastly, I’m playing around with the image in my header. Feel free to voice your preferences…

That’s what I know today. Riveting, I know.


6 Responses to “Impulsive”

  1. So sweet that Belle is going to be baptized! You must be so proud of her… what a tender little heart!

  2. How cool she wants to be baptized!

    We are attending an Episcopal church and our rector is also a she.

  3. Wow, congrats to Belle! It seems like yesterday that she was learning how to walk. BTW, I liked the purple trees (Big Brother has just started noticing the purple trees blooming around town.)

  4. Yay Belle! That is exciting news! We are so proud of you!!!

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    Wonderful news! Luke has been talking about that lately.

  6. Love the new header. Very springy and beautiful.

    Congrats on the baptism. Sounds like a wonderful, family event.

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