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They don’t give you clothes in there.

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Our conversation on the way to school this morning went something like this…


Belle:  I know why babies cry when they first come out.  They don’t know anybody yet, but then they get to know their Mommy and they stop crying.


Me:  Well, yes, that is probably part of it.  But also, they’ve been in a nice warm belly swimming around in the special fluid.  Suddenly they are out of that belly and into a strange, cold place.


Belle:  Yes because they are naked when they come out.  They don’t give you any clothes in there!


**On another note-After dutifully finishing my antibiotics on Sunday, I awoke Tuesday morning with my right tonsil the size of a large egg.  Well, that’s how it feels in my throat anyway.  I’m waiting for the office to open so I can make an appt for today.


Words only a mom can understand

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Little Lamb pointed to the TV this morning while watching Toy Story 2 and said,


“Dur lur dur lur dur lur uuuh jah duh!”


Me: “To infinity and beyond?”


LL: “Un huh”


**In case you are concerned that my young child is watching full length movies, please understand this:  Little Bear is allowed to pick a show in the early morning time while we’re all getting ready to take Belle to school.  Usually he picks a 30 min show, but today he picked a movie.  By no means will we make it through the entire movie before we have to leave (all part of the design, you see!) and LL will only sit for a little while before heading to the book box to do a little reading.  In fact, she’s just done that now.  She is sweetly reading The Story of Easter and, I do believe, pooping in her freshly changed diaper.

Still here!

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Just  popping in quickly to say that I’m still here.  Remember that “cold” I had last week.  Well that turned into a nasty case of Strep.  Not fun-unless you like swallowing nails and razor blades.  Together.  


I’m busy getting Belle’s teacher’s birthday and teacher appreciation week snacks planned.  I’ve made a fun monkey for the kids to sign.  I’ll take a picture and share it soon.  


The kids are well-playing all the time, making messes all over the house.  I suppose that’s just as it should be, though.  We’re enjoying the increase in temperatures and all the sunshine.  We could, however, do without all the bees swarming the holly bushes!


Happy Thursday to you!


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A little update from the last two posts:


First, J awoke the other night around 11pm (when I snuck (sneaked?) in to get my pillow) feeling much better.  I fed him some dinner and we went to bed.  Ultimately, he was on a new service that day and felt much like he was starting all over, having no knowledge of what to do.  He has a way of internalizing his stress, expecting far too much of himself, and I suppose it got the better of him on his drive home.  He barely made it home without tossing his cookies in the car!  Interestingly enough, he had a similar experience on his first day of NICU back in Oct. 2006.


One thing I forgot to mention in the tale of my parents’ never ending vacation was that one of my oldest friends (oldest in that we’ve known each other since we were toddlers, I believe I am actually a couple of months older than she) was staying at their house with their two dogs-one of which is a HIGHLY active puppy-and graciously agreed to stay the additional two days.  [How’s that for a run-on sentence???] Thanks Amy!!  You’re the greatest!  


And as for yesterday and my list, I completed 42 of the 47 items.  Not too shabby.  And, in case you’re wondering what sort of disaster struck my house to make it 47 items messy, I like to break down my list in to tiny tasks so I have lots to mark off.  As well, I cleaned before my parents came but not while they were here so I had a little catching up to do.  And now, I’m all caught up!  

Good think too, because I woke this morning with that scratchy-coming-down-with-a-cold feeling in my throat.  How fun!


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Our landlord (actually the agent that represents the landlord) is coming by at 4:00 pm today to show the house.  I whipped up a quick “To Do” list for each of the rooms of our house.  There are 47 items on my list!

Have I mentioned that I really, really hate moving?

Wish me luck!  🙂

An Injustice or three

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Poor J-on the way home tonight from a hard day’s work he was slammed with a terrible migraine.  I have no idea how his day was.  He walked in the front door, explained his plight, and disappeared into the bedroom.  He was able to give Little Lamb a hug goodnight, but was asleep when the other two headed to bed.  I have a feeling I’ll be sharing a bed with Belle tonight.  Too bad I didn’t get those sheets on the other double bed changed today-my parents slept there all last week.


About my parent’s visit-we had a wonderful time.  Little Lamb was suspicious of them both, but learned to say both Grandma (Gamma) and Grandad (Nanda).  She rarely said it to their faces, but asked “Where Nanda?” whenever he was out of sight.  We shopped till we dropped most every day.  They were supposed to fly out on Thursday on American Airlines, on an MD-80…you can guess how well that went!  They managed to schedule a flight (after a THREE HOUR phone call on Wednesday night) for Friday.  They went to the airport, sat for three hours, to find out that their plane for this flight (not an MD-80) had mechanical errors and wouldn’t be fixed in time for them to make their connecting flight.  So they scheduled ANOTHER flight, for 5:19 AM Saturday morning.  They had to leave our house around 3:30 AM.  As well as pay for two extra one day car rentals, one of which involved us spending the whole day Thursday driving to a town 65ish miles away just to turn in the rental with one company and trade it for another car with a different agency.  Ugh!  What a hassle!  

They did finally make it home, which is a good thing since my Mom had a concert to play that night (she missed the first rehearsal, but the conductor was kind enough to let her go ahead and play the rest of the services) and my Dad is an organist/choir director so he really needed to be home Sunday morning.  All in all, my Dad had to cancel one choir rehearsal and miss one day of school (he teaches part-time).  My mom had to cancel one day’s worth of lessons (she’s a private violin teacher) and missed a rehearsal, not to mention the cost of all those rental cars!  A real mess.


My mom was able to be at the baptism, which was really fantastic.  Our camera was out of juice, so I’m relying on my mom for the pics.  I think I’ll call her tonight to remind her to send me the photos.  She uses some strange program to manage her photos, so hopefully I can figure out how to get them into iPhoto and then post them here.


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Little Bear can now write his own name. He remembers what letters to use, but I have to help him with the order. He knows almost all the letters by name, but he still confuses a few here and there-like V and Y-which I can understand. The thing he completely does not understand is phonics or the sounds the letters make. The funny thing is, Belle knew the sounds of the letters before she knew most of their names.

One great learning tool for Little Bear has been his Vtech Tote & Go Laptop Plus. Mimi and Grandad bought it for him on their last visit (after playing with similar ones at their cousins’ house). It encourages use of both upper and lower case, which fits right in with all the stuff Belle tries to teach LB (she’s always trying to teach him things, it’s so cute!).

I know lots of folks don’t encourage techy toys for kids, but he is learning TONS from this. J and I feel like this is the time to teach him proper time management-that sitting on the sofa all day playing games isn’t ok, but playing for a little while, between other imaginative play, is fine.

Happy Thursday! Just one more day to this oh-so-long week. BTW, I realized my Mom is coming in 2 days and I have soooo much to do in that time. Better get off my duff and get movin’!