Little Bear can now write his own name. He remembers what letters to use, but I have to help him with the order. He knows almost all the letters by name, but he still confuses a few here and there-like V and Y-which I can understand. The thing he completely does not understand is phonics or the sounds the letters make. The funny thing is, Belle knew the sounds of the letters before she knew most of their names.

One great learning tool for Little Bear has been his Vtech Tote & Go Laptop Plus. Mimi and Grandad bought it for him on their last visit (after playing with similar ones at their cousins’ house). It encourages use of both upper and lower case, which fits right in with all the stuff Belle tries to teach LB (she’s always trying to teach him things, it’s so cute!).

I know lots of folks don’t encourage techy toys for kids, but he is learning TONS from this. J and I feel like this is the time to teach him proper time management-that sitting on the sofa all day playing games isn’t ok, but playing for a little while, between other imaginative play, is fine.

Happy Thursday! Just one more day to this oh-so-long week. BTW, I realized my Mom is coming in 2 days and I have soooo much to do in that time. Better get off my duff and get movin’!


2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. One thing that helped Lulu learn to write her name was to spell it with a little rythym. Her first name was short and easy, but our last name is really long, so we made up a little song spelling it out. She still sings it to herself sometimes when she forgets.

  2. Wow, I think that’s really impressive. My 4 yo still gets the letters mixed up in her name.

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