An Injustice or three

Poor J-on the way home tonight from a hard day’s work he was slammed with a terrible migraine.  I have no idea how his day was.  He walked in the front door, explained his plight, and disappeared into the bedroom.  He was able to give Little Lamb a hug goodnight, but was asleep when the other two headed to bed.  I have a feeling I’ll be sharing a bed with Belle tonight.  Too bad I didn’t get those sheets on the other double bed changed today-my parents slept there all last week.


About my parent’s visit-we had a wonderful time.  Little Lamb was suspicious of them both, but learned to say both Grandma (Gamma) and Grandad (Nanda).  She rarely said it to their faces, but asked “Where Nanda?” whenever he was out of sight.  We shopped till we dropped most every day.  They were supposed to fly out on Thursday on American Airlines, on an MD-80…you can guess how well that went!  They managed to schedule a flight (after a THREE HOUR phone call on Wednesday night) for Friday.  They went to the airport, sat for three hours, to find out that their plane for this flight (not an MD-80) had mechanical errors and wouldn’t be fixed in time for them to make their connecting flight.  So they scheduled ANOTHER flight, for 5:19 AM Saturday morning.  They had to leave our house around 3:30 AM.  As well as pay for two extra one day car rentals, one of which involved us spending the whole day Thursday driving to a town 65ish miles away just to turn in the rental with one company and trade it for another car with a different agency.  Ugh!  What a hassle!  

They did finally make it home, which is a good thing since my Mom had a concert to play that night (she missed the first rehearsal, but the conductor was kind enough to let her go ahead and play the rest of the services) and my Dad is an organist/choir director so he really needed to be home Sunday morning.  All in all, my Dad had to cancel one choir rehearsal and miss one day of school (he teaches part-time).  My mom had to cancel one day’s worth of lessons (she’s a private violin teacher) and missed a rehearsal, not to mention the cost of all those rental cars!  A real mess.


My mom was able to be at the baptism, which was really fantastic.  Our camera was out of juice, so I’m relying on my mom for the pics.  I think I’ll call her tonight to remind her to send me the photos.  She uses some strange program to manage her photos, so hopefully I can figure out how to get them into iPhoto and then post them here.


One Response to “An Injustice or three”

  1. Amy Reeves Says:

    MAN they were tired when they got home! I felt soooo sorry for them! I am glad that you guys had a wonderful time together.

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