Still here!

Just  popping in quickly to say that I’m still here.  Remember that “cold” I had last week.  Well that turned into a nasty case of Strep.  Not fun-unless you like swallowing nails and razor blades.  Together.  


I’m busy getting Belle’s teacher’s birthday and teacher appreciation week snacks planned.  I’ve made a fun monkey for the kids to sign.  I’ll take a picture and share it soon.  


The kids are well-playing all the time, making messes all over the house.  I suppose that’s just as it should be, though.  We’re enjoying the increase in temperatures and all the sunshine.  We could, however, do without all the bees swarming the holly bushes!


Happy Thursday to you!


3 Responses to “Still here!”

  1. Hope you feel better – that sounds awful!

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    woops I thought that was an e mail. can you get the letter off your website? it’s a little personal.

  3. hmm…I wonder if this link will work. I am trying to be proactive with computer things.

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