Words only a mom can understand

Little Lamb pointed to the TV this morning while watching Toy Story 2 and said,


“Dur lur dur lur dur lur uuuh jah duh!”


Me: “To infinity and beyond?”


LL: “Un huh”


**In case you are concerned that my young child is watching full length movies, please understand this:  Little Bear is allowed to pick a show in the early morning time while we’re all getting ready to take Belle to school.  Usually he picks a 30 min show, but today he picked a movie.  By no means will we make it through the entire movie before we have to leave (all part of the design, you see!) and LL will only sit for a little while before heading to the book box to do a little reading.  In fact, she’s just done that now.  She is sweetly reading The Story of Easter and, I do believe, pooping in her freshly changed diaper.


One Response to “Words only a mom can understand”

  1. You’re so funny! From time to time I have “TV guilt”–then I think to myself–better than other things I could be doing to my kids. Give yourself a break. I know plenty of students who have been MUCH worse off.

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