They don’t give you clothes in there.

Our conversation on the way to school this morning went something like this…


Belle:  I know why babies cry when they first come out.  They don’t know anybody yet, but then they get to know their Mommy and they stop crying.


Me:  Well, yes, that is probably part of it.  But also, they’ve been in a nice warm belly swimming around in the special fluid.  Suddenly they are out of that belly and into a strange, cold place.


Belle:  Yes because they are naked when they come out.  They don’t give you any clothes in there!


**On another note-After dutifully finishing my antibiotics on Sunday, I awoke Tuesday morning with my right tonsil the size of a large egg.  Well, that’s how it feels in my throat anyway.  I’m waiting for the office to open so I can make an appt for today.


One Response to “They don’t give you clothes in there.”

  1. Wow if they did, they would certainly need a good soaking asap. ewww.

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