A post a day…

in May!


Jenny over at allsorts suggested trying to write a post a day through the month of May.  I’m gonna give it a try and see if I can make it work.  


Our housing situation is pretty well consuming all my extra energy (as if there was any extra!) these days.  It seems clear that the housing we hoped to secure is not going to happen.  It’s possible we could get a 2 br apartment in the same complex, but we feel that would be too much sacrifice for the kids.  That has left us searching throughout the city, trying to find a suitable rental.  I have not once questioned our decision to rent here even once, especially with the current market downturn.  Actually, the change in the market is probably giving us a few more options than we had two years ago.  


We have a couple of places we’re looking at-we’ve applied for one and we’re hoping to view the other one this weekend.   The first one is ideal in many ways-great lot and view, more rooms and square feet than we have now, but it isn’t the savings we were hoping for-cheaper than our current place but not by as much as we’d like.  We’ll see what we think of the other place once we see it.


Playgroup is coming to my house in the morning…I think I better take care of this mess of toys next to me.  


2 Responses to “A post a day…”

  1. I’m sure you’ll find something suitable. It’s not easy, but… when the right place comes along, you’ll know.

  2. Nancy Hall, Fort Worth Says:

    Hi guys! I never heard from you so I don’t know why or where you are moving! Everything here in Fort Worth remains the same. I am still working for Dr. Laney at Cook Children’s Physician Network. E-mail me and catch me up!

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