Day 2, A post a day

(I promise to come up with more exciting titles in the future, but for today that will have to do.)


Let’s see, it’s almost 8:30 pm.  J walked in the door 15 minutes ago.  He left before 6 am.  Little Lamb is in bed.  Belle and Little Bear are getting dressed for bed.  I’m counting down the minutes till I can snuggle on the sofa with my husband and watch a movie.  Either Evan Almighty or Dan in Real Life.  We haven’t decided which one to watch tonight.  


FWIW, Evan Almighty isn’t my typical sort of movie choice, but I need to see it for somewhat personal reasons.  On the other hand, Steve Carell is hilarious and I’ve seen him in real life!  And he smiled at me!  And Belle too!


Jenny made a cute button thingie for the sidebar that I’ll attempt to load tomorrow.  


One Response to “Day 2, A post a day”

  1. LOVE Steve Carell. I’ve been wanting to see Dan in Real Life – can I hope for a review? Maybe if you run out of post ideas?

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