Day 4: The house hunt coninues

At multiple points through the day I find myself at the computer searching craigslist and the MLS for new additions.  We viewed one home yesterday that was, well, a dump.  It was promising from the outside.  The current tenants have two dogs, and clearly they have had free reign over the house.  The smell hit us so strongly when we opened the door, it nearly knocked me over.  The people living there spent, it seemed, little to no time cleaning for our viewing.   I can’t imagine not even making my bed for complete stranger to come in.  One of the guys is a Marine…wouldn’t know it from the looks of his room!  Anyway, the bedrooms were way too small and the stink was way too bad.   Also, the washer and dryer were in the kitchen, but at opposite ends of the “L” shape.  Strange!


There is another prospect-immaculate from the outside, but we don’t have any interior pics-that we’re hoping to view this week.  I’ll keep you updated!


One Response to “Day 4: The house hunt coninues”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    Are you buying? Will you be staying in that area?

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