day 5: you scream, i scream, we all scream…

for ice cream!


Mmmmm, I made some delicious ice cream tonight.  We’ve made several recipes from this book (The Perfect Scoop) and have yet to be disappointed.  The writer, David Lebovitz, has a blog listed over there in my sidebar.  Tonight I made cinnamon ice cream and fudge ripple sauce.  There are tons of ice cream recipes as well as sorbets, sauces, mix-ins, etc.  I’m hoping to try the fresh mint soon.


Our application for our favorite house was accepted today.  To clear up any confusion-we are staying in the same area, just moving to save some money.  J has two more years in his program before we enter the “real” world of anesthesia.  It’s a lovely ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a full walk-out basement.  It’s on 10 acres, though most of that is wooded, and has a fantastic deck.  Also, the owners live next door (you can’t actually see their house from ours because it’s on the other side of the woods) and they take care of the lawn.  There are several dogwood trees, bradford pear trees, azaleas, rhododendrons…the list goes on.  Can you tell I’m just a bit excited about this place??  


I’ve got more to say about it, but it’s getting late.  And what with the post a day stuff, I don’t want to give away everything at once!


4 Responses to “day 5: you scream, i scream, we all scream…”

  1. I hope it all goes through smoothly. It sounds fabulous! What a great place to grow up. Congratulations.

  2. Wow! Congrats!
    That’s terrific! And you don’t have to mow!!!

  3. ooo yummy I love icecream 🙂

  4. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I bet you can’t wait to pack 😉

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