day 7: Ask and you shall receive…

Jennifer ever so sweetly asked for my ideas on Mother’s Day and teacher’s gifts so here’s my thoughts…


Little Lamb and I headed to Michael’s yesterday armed with two, yes two!, coupons.  If you missed this week’s add, there was the standard 40% off coupon as well as a 50% off any Martha Stewart item.  As I was looking in the Martha section, I stumbled upon a book titled, Scrapbooks on the Go…NEW Projects to Make When You’re in a Hurry…  I thought to myself-perfect!!  This book is loaded with fun ideas.  


I chose to make the glass bottle project on the front cover.  Partly because I only needed the bottles and adhesive, and also because it has so much flexibility.  You can put whatever you want in there!  I’m not exactly certain what’s going in mine, but I think it will be definitions of words that Belle gives me that describe her Grandma and Mimi.  Obviously these won’t be making to them by Sunday, but I don’t think either of them will mind…much!

As I was searching the house for supplies for the bottles, I came across some little magnets which gave me the idea for the teacher’s gifts.  You see, the bottles I purchased came filled with paper flowers.  So I came up with the idea of making the teachers magnets with the paper flowers.  I used the same adhesive as with the bottles (Terrifically Tacky Tape by Provo Craft) as it can hold anything and it doesn’t have the safety issues of a glue gun.  It’s also a fairly stress free project for Belle to help with.


Another teacher gift we’ll put together is cookie mixes in a jar.  While these are typically more of a Christmas gift, I have a reason for this idea.  Some time ago, Belle drew a plate of cookies and decided she wanted to give each of her teachers a similar drawing as well as a real plate of cookies.  I had to break the news to her this week that I doubt we’ll get a plate of cookies made, seeing as our kitchen ware will be all boxed up waiting to get into the new house.  This afternoon I had the idea of the cookie mixes and her eyes lit up.  I haven’t searched out the perfect mix yet (suggestions anyone?), but the plan is that I will type up the directions on paper and she will draw the picture on the other side of the paper.


One last thought on the teacher gift front (as well as children’s birthday gifts).  If you don’t read Mir’s Want Not site, well you silly people you really should!  She searches out all kinds of great deals and puts them up on her blog.  Today, she listed a sweet deal on hardback books with accompanying audio cd’s through Weekly Reader.  Just scroll down a bit for the post titled “Lotta book, little price”.


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