day 8: UGH!

I spent the last half hour trying to load the “A Post a Day in May” button and it’s making me crazy.  Here’s what I’ve tried and perhaps one of you more intelligent folks can help me out!  

Here’s the code I’m trying to enter: 

<a href=””><img src=””/></a&gt;


I go to Design, Widgets, and add a Text thing over on the right.  I click on Edit and then input the code in the box.  I’ve tried typing it in myself as well as copying and pasting from Jenny’s site.  I then click Change which closes the box.  Then, I click Save Changes.  At this point, if I click the Edit button it has taken out part of the code which leads to no image on my blog.  Basically it removes the section from src through 6j9eze/  I’ve tried using a different button (she has several different sizes on her site and I was trying to load the smallest) but it does the exact same thing.  I’d just love it if one of you could solve this issue for me.  I did the same things when I added those ticker things, but they worked just fine.


Another ugh, Belle is home from school with a stomach ache.  She says she’s not nauseous, she’s had a tiny bit of “other stomach issues”, but she’s not acting like herself.  I’m beginning to think bubble suits need to be my next creative endeavor.


3 Responses to “day 8: UGH!”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    I get so mad at wordpress when it comes to adding widgets. I can only seem to get one text widget to work. If I try to select it again it moves over to the bar…but then it dissappears if I try to use it (like it is returning to the left side).
    Sorry I am no help–let me know if you figure it out!!

  2. On second thought… I just pasted your URL into a text box of my own and I have the picture show up in my blog…

    I did not push, “change” – just pasted the code and then pushed save.


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