day 9: it worked!

Thanks ever so much to my smarty pants sister-in-law (technically I guess she J’s SIL since she’s married to his brother, but I still call her my SIL) for the help with the button.  I just knew somebody out there could figure it out!


Belle is back at school today.  The phantom tummy ache is gone.  I call it phantom not because I don’t believe that it hurt, I could tell that it really hurt, but because there didn’t seem to be any other real symptoms with it and it seemed to disappear as quickly as it came.  


I’m looking forward to tomorrow with J home.  His schedule has been so terrible this week, he hasn’t even seen Little Lamb except to kiss her goodbye in the morning in several days.  The only reason he saw Belle and Little Bear yesterday was because we were all huddled in the bathroom together during a Tornado warning.  (Yes, LL was there too but I had to wake her up and she just sat in my lap in a sleepy haze so I don’t really count it.)  There were, indeed, no tornadoes but we decided rather safe than sorry.  I was really missing our TX meteorologists who show you exactly where the cited rotations are, which cells are likely to cause trouble, exactly who needs to duck and cover, etc.  The neighbor’s tree looks like it might have some damage-the limbs are hanging pretty low to the ground.  It’s not a big tree, but the limbs are covered with many, many leaves making them quite heavy.


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