day 12: regression

So, if you recall, Little Bear potty trained at the beginning of February.  Ultimately, it was a fairly painless experience with few accidents.  That said, in the course of a week he’s had three accidents while sleeping.  I’m growing tired of changing underwear, pajamas, and sheets!  Belle never had bedtime accidents, and when she had daytime ones all it took was the threat of wearing pull-ups if it happened again.  I mean, she was only having the accidents because she didn’t want to stop playing long enough to go to the bathroom.  So, making a threat like that made sense.  


With Little Bear, I told him this morning that he would need to wear pull-ups tonight at bedtime.  I’ve not been angry with him about the accidents seeing as he’s sleeping and doesn’t exactly have control over things.  The problem is tonight, when I was putting on his pull-up, he was all too happy to be a “little guy” and wear diapers again.  [He flips back and forth at least 100 times a day between being a little guy and a big boy.  I have to recognize every. single. change. with a response of “OK!”.]  Actually, he jumped for joy once it was on.  I’m nervous what tomorrow will bring when it’s time to go back to the underwear.  


Anybody have some help for me?  Please!!


One Response to “day 12: regression”

  1. Do some research on night time bed wetting. I have a friend with a 6 year old son that still wets the bed several times a night and he wears the thick night time pull-ups. It is a real problem and especially with boys. I found this:

    Good luck!

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