day 13: rethinking things

I’ve been keeping my eye out for sales, coupons, free shipping codes, etc for booster seats for Little Bear.  He is almost 30 pounds-the lower limit on many boosters, but in truth he is nowhere near the upper limits for his current car seat.  I was doing my usual research-checking out reviews and such-when I ran across this article on  The whole piece is here, but this sentence alone has convinced me to wait a while longer:

“Any step up in car seats – from rear-facing to forward-facing, from harness to booster – is actually a step down in safety.”

A little convenience for me is absolutely not worth the loss in safety for my little guy.  I love his car seat-it has a great buckling system which, with the tether in place, keeps the seat from budging the tiniest bit even on the leather seats.


In other news, he let go of his pull-up fairly easily this morning.  He’d have kept it on if I let him, but he didn’t fight me on it.  He did, however, wake at 2:30 this morning to go potty.  It figures that I decide to put him in a pull-up and NOW he wakes up.  Anyway, the poor guy couldn’t get back to sleep for two hours.  He’d try for a while and then he’d be back at the top of the stairs calling for me.  At 4:30, I gave up and threw him in bed with me.  He fell right asleep, and so did I!


I suppose I’ll keep putting the pull-ups on him for a while.  The thought of him lying in a wet bed and pjs for hours until he wakes for the morning us just too much for me to stand.  



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