day 14: a little of this and a little of that

Wow life is getting crazy around here.  I guess I never finished telling the wild tale of our upcoming move.  The lease on our current place is up on May 31.  With J’s ridiculous schedule and complete inability to just take a day off, we have to move our stuff out over Memorial Day weekend.  The problem is…our new place isn’t available until mid June.  That leaves us 3-4 weeks with no place to live.  Enter Little Bear’s preschool director.  I mentioned our predicament to her yesterday at pick up and she offered us their 2 bedroom house that they rent out as needed.  I saw it this morning and it is such a blessing.  We thought we were going to have to take everything to a storage area and live in a hotel during that time.  There’s enough basement storage in this house that we might not even need a storage area!  It doesn’t completely remove the sting of having to move twice in one month, but it certainly helps.




We were listening to this Sharon, Lois and Bram cd last night at dinner.  We got to the song “The Smile Was On The Crocodile” and I tried to relay the story of the song to the kids and how my dad sang that song with us as kids.  


She sailed away on a sunny summer day
On the back of a crocodile
“You see,” said she, “he’s as tame as tame can be,
I’ll ride him down the Nile.”

The croc winked his eye as she bade them all goodbye
Wearing a happy smile
At the end of the ride, the lady was inside,
And the smile was on the crocodile!


It seems Little Bear misunderstood the story a bit, because a few minutes later he asked me, “Why did Grandad eat that girl?”




We all have some kind of guilty pleasure, right?  For some it’s Oprah, others it’s American Idol, for me it’s Super Nanny.  Maybe it’s some kind of confidence builder.  Because I may not be perfect, but I’m not as bad as those folks!  And at the end, I always say a prayer that what Jo has taught them will stick.


4 Responses to “day 14: a little of this and a little of that”

  1. How fortunate that you found a place!
    And if I watch even a minute of Super Nanny I’m hooked.

  2. HeHe, I’m with you, one episode of Super Nanny and my self esteem as a parent goes up one hundred fold.

  3. SuperNanny has become the one and only tv show I watch during the week now that Lost has become so flakey. I know more than a few familes who should be required to watch it, take notes, and be tested over the content. It makes you thankful that you have a loving, stable home to raise your children in.

  4. We could also bring home anything that doesn’t fit into the new house and store it for you all. The girls are really excited to see their cousins!
    Too cute about LB

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