day 16- a miss, day 17- a recap

Sorry about missing Friday.  We’re in a flurry of activity around here.  Yesterday morning was the Kindergarten Author Share.  Each child in the class writes a book of their own, the teachers have them typed and hard bound, the kids draw in the illustrations, and then read them over a  microphone to the whole class.  Belle’s book, entitled “The Beach”, was fantastic!  Full of details and complex sentences.  I’m very proud of the progress she has made this year.  


Then, last night we had the Fun Fair at her school.  There was face painting, spray hair color, tatoos, games, food, a bounce house…which all pretty well explains why I didn’t have the energy to post last night.  It was 10:00 before I got them all in bed and I decided it was best if just crawled in bed myself.  I curled up next to my sweet girl, Belle, who is allowed to sleep in our bed on occasion when J is on nights.  Its a special treat she has to work hard to earn.  


Today has been no less full-lots of packing, a trip to the library, and possibly a little strawberry picking-IF I can J to wake up.  He’s off tonight, but continues his crazy schedule tomorrow night and the rest of the week.  It will be so nice to have him next to me in bed tonight…


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