day 18: failed memory

My mother called early Friday morning.  I got a little worried when I heard the ring (we have the phone set to ring a different pitch when one of our parents calls) so early, esp. considering it’s an hour earlier in TX than here in VA.


It turns out she was calling to tell me the New Kids on the Block where performing on the Today Show.  She and my Dad both seemed to remember that I liked them.  I quickly corrected her, explaining that I was WAY too cool for NKOTB (because I was sooo cool back then, HA!) and scoffed anyone who showed an interest in their music, their dancing, or their looks.  Jennifer-how could their memories be that off???  Even after my Dad took us to the Depeche Mode Violator concert!  I was sooo disappointed in them!


[When I first went to the DM homepage, the banner was the cover photo from the Broken Frame album.  I’ve always loved that photo, but I have no idea why.]


3 Responses to “day 18: failed memory”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    Hey!! NKOTB was my FIRST concert, thank you! Jonathon was my favorite…tall, dark, quiet type.

  2. I’m shocked. What was she thinking?

  3. What? I’ve been to a Depeche Mode concert (although I can’t remember which tour. I think it was Black Celebration) and I don’t remember being disappointed. The reason I checkout out your blog in the first place was the name! Sooooo cool.

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