day 21: one last idea

So I’m finally getting to my last teacher gift idea.  This is an especially easy one for your last minute gift needs.  


Here’s what you need: 

1.  Some lovely flower or landscape photos taken on a digital camera

2.  A photo printer or other method for printing photos

3.  Solid color cardstock, cut to  7″ x 10″ (assuming photos are 4″ x 6″)


For the photos, I recommend using the macro function on your camera to capture blossoms up close.  It’s that setting with the picture of a flower that allows the camera to focus very closely on an object while blurring the surrounding area.  (I’m amazing you with my technical skilz, aren’t I?)  


Print your photos (or order them online or go to CVS/Walgreens/wherever) and try to print them with a white border if you are going to use colored card stock.  Otherwise just use white or black paper.  


Carefully fold your papers in half, then affix your photos to the paper.  Wrap 5 or so in a stack with appropriately sized envelopes and tie with ribbon.  


Here’s examples of some of my cards:

(Click on the photo for a larger version of the picture)


3 Responses to “day 21: one last idea”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    Very neat idea…and you were impressing me with your technical skilz! I always wondered what that macro function was for. Now I know!!! Thanks!

  2. I knew you made the card you sent us! Beautiful work!!!

    See you all tomorrow!

  3. Boy, that looks familiar! Thank you very much for remembering my b-day.

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