an unexpected retrieval

Just taking a short break from the joy of moving to share a quick funny with you.  


I was working upstairs while Little Lamb napped and Little Bear played downstairs.  He had just gotten a dumb-dumb sucker when he announced that he needed to go potty.  I heard an unusual clinking sound followed by crying.  I rushed downstairs to find his sucker down at the bottom of the bowl full of little boy pee-pee.  Ugh!  I scrubbed my hands extra hard with soap and hot water after that one.


Yes, I threw it away.  Yes, I got him a new one.


And it’s back to work for me!  I’m beginning to think we will NEVER get all this crap out of the house.


One Response to “an unexpected retrieval”

  1. Our hardest move was from one side of Nashville to the other-and we only had a one bedroom apt! I kept making drives to get a few more thing from the kitchen-with no ac in the car and cicadas flying at my head.

    I’m glad it is done! for you!!!!!

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