Tying up loose ends

The kids and I head out of town tomorrow morning.  We’re going to TX to spend a week with my parents.  I’ve made list after list-things to bring, things not to forget, things to find, things to buy, etc., etc.  


I’ve never flown by myself with all three kids.  With the state of the unfriendly skies these days, I’m a bit nervous.  We’re all set in just 2 suitcases, which will cost me a mere $30.  You know, I could kind of understand charging after the first bag.  But this charging for EVERY checked bag?  Is completely ridiculous.  


I’ve got a small list of things that must happen before I leave-clean out the fridge, scrub the bathroom, change sheets.  Fun things, you know?  In fact, I think I better get out of this here chair and get to work!


One Response to “Tying up loose ends”

  1. Oh my goodness. Good luck. Remember to buy water and snacks before getting on the plane cuz who knows if or when they’ll be serving something. Also, lollipops (I use DumDums because they are small) are great for take off and landing and making ears pop.

    Good luck and have a really great trip!

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