Good news

Long time readers will know that we’ve been fighting issues with Little Bear’s ears since he was 6 months old.  He was such a happy baby, I never would have known he had troubles if it weren’t for the well baby checks.  


Long story short, he’s had fluid and negative pressure in his ears nearly all his life.  He had tubes put in around 16 months, but they came out within 6 months of the surgery.  We saw an ENT here in VA for a while and he was given the mostly-all-clear last November.  He had an infection within 10 days of that and has never fully healed since then (not that I was surprised!).  The doctors don’t want to repeat the surgery if they absolutely don’t have to, but I have been increasingly worried about his hearing and the fact that he’s had several other ear infections since that one in December.  


Last month when we saw the pediatrician, I asked when we draw the line and go back to the ENT for another round of tubes.  She suggested we use a nasal spray (Veramyst) for a month and see if there is any improvement.  Ultimately, the risk involved in using a medication is far less than surgery.  


We went back today and I am thankful to report that both ears appear fluid free!!  His right ear drum moves both in and out while the left moves only one direction.  So…we are much improved, almost normal.  We’ll continue the Veramyst for 2-3 more weeks and pick it back up with any nasal symptoms.  I’m actually hopeful that we will make it through without a repeat of the surgery.


Hopeful is a good feeling indeed!


2 Responses to “Good news”

  1. joz1234 Says:

    Yea! Veramist, huh? I wonder if that would have worked for Baby Boy? The only bad thing is you have an ongoing bill, but I guess to have less risk that is great!

  2. Good to hear! Continued prayers for the little guy.

    I know how you feel though – we go through this with PW’s eyes (styes) and PMT’s eczema.

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