And finally, some beach pictures!

Slowly but surely I’m getting a grip on life once again.  We went from the strict schedule of school, to moving chaos, to vacation bliss, back to moving chaos, back to vacation bliss, and finally just plain home.  The thing is, I do best when I’m in a strict schedule.  Less chance for me to get lost on the web or to sit watching TV for an hour.  I’m dreading this coming week as J starts ANOTHER week of nights.  This will be the last one of this type for a while (not to say there won’t be other similar types of things on different services), and it can’t pass quickly enough.  


The only real tragedy of the moves was me dropping our camera on the wood floor from the high mantle, sending it bouncing along the hard flooring.  It tried to turn on, but couldn’t.  Then, it couldn’t turn off for several hours.  We tried this a few times and finally gave up.  We purchased a new camera before the trip, because I simply could not miss out on all those photo ops.  


Here is a selection of some of my favorites.  I’m trying something new here on wordpress by entering all the pics in as a gallery.  We’ll see what happens!  Enjoy the pics.



3 Responses to “And finally, some beach pictures!”

  1. Ah! So cute! Is that your mom’s pool in the last photo? Those were good times.

  2. What great pictures!

    I’ve been holding off trying the gallery, but I like it! Much easier to click on the next picture… however, you can’t make them bigger though (maybe a good thing???) 😛

    Hope to see you guys soon…

  3. Amy Reeves Says:

    cute pics! I had a great time seeing you again! I LOVED the pie you made! Thank you!

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