Food, yummy food!

I’ve got a few recipes to link to for you guys.  Sort of a hodge-podge, if you will.  But, that’s my life!


A small twist on a classic dish: Mama’s Lasagna  I made this in two square pans, one for tonight, one to freeze.


A simply dessert: Frozen Lemonade Pie  You have to plan ahead on this one as it has to freeze all day (or overnight).  I’m generally an all chocolate girl, but this is nice for a change of pace.  I’d love to figure out a way to get a similar result without using Cool Whip…ideas anyone??


If your kids are like mine, they LOVE to dip.  Here’s a couple of great dips, one sweet (Fruit Dip) and one savory (Onion Dip), that would also be great for a party.  I halved the recipes for our family and still had PLENTY left over.


And now for the “pie” Amy mentioned in the comments of my last post.  It’s really just a big chocolate chip cookie, baked in a pie plate.  But, it’s delicious just the same.  We served it with my dad’s homemade ice cream instead of the whipped cream.  Mmmm, I might need to make this again later this week.


Ok, that should keep you busy for a few days.  🙂 I need to go clean up the kitchen.  Yuck.


One Response to “Food, yummy food!”

  1. It wouldn’t be as creamy/fluffy/airy… but what about using lemon or vanilla pudding instead of whipped cream?

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