The results

Well, I didn’t accomplish quite as much today as I’d hoped.  But I think I came reasonably close to my goal.  Mostly I just didn’t get to the vacuuming.  I did, however, finish Little Lamb’s pants and they turned out so cute!  They are just what I was hoping for.  They took a bit more tweaking as I went along to make the ruffle work.  Pattern sizing is so screwy.  I knew I needed to cut the length shorter if I was going to add length to the ruffle (here’s the something close to the original pattern for reference), so I cut them at the 9 month size.  I tried them on her to test the waist band and they were nearly long enough without the ruffle at all!  So, I cut a couple more inches off the pant legs and about an inch and a half off my ruffle (which started at 7 inches in length).  Then, I realized the legs weren’t tapered enough for the ruffle to fit.  So, I restitched the inside and outside leg seams at a diagonal.  Oh I realized I forgot to link to Sandi of  Portabellopixie yesterday so you’d know what I was aiming for…sorry!  One of these days I’ll get my hands on a yard of her fabric.  Until then, my 40% off deals at JoAnn’s will have to do!


In the end, I am quite happy with the results!  She won’t wear her clothes across her belly (remind you of anyone, MB?), so it looks like she has a big gut.  🙂  


I’m super behind in posting pictures due to our internet connection issues.  Here are some taken last weekend at our favorite Mexican food place.  The first photo shows Belle as you can typically find her these days-behind the cover of a book.  My kid!  A bookworm!!  I’m just a little excited about this, can you tell?  Next you’ll see Little Bear and I together.  I feel terrible that I haven’t mentioned this here, but when I was in TX my mom treated me to a fantastic hair cut and highlights.  I’m really liking this look!  

Finally, I organized the toys in the basement yesterday.  There were toys in there the kids hadn’t seen for months.  It was like Christmas!  (Lest you be worried, the children have had full access to plenty of toys in their rooms.)  


I can’t seem to get the pictures to do anything but go into a gallery, so a gallery it is!  



Ok, I see how to post the pictures individually now.  I don’t feel like going back and changing everything this time.


3 Responses to “The results”

  1. You look great and oh my, does your son look more and more like Richard. Wow.

  2. […] 9, 2008 by depechemom So we’re sitting at our favorite Mexican food place (as documented here) and I’d ordered the Taco Salad.  It has steak, romaine, red onions, and pumpkin seeds-I […]

  3. You’ve been busy – and so productive.
    When you are done, come on over and be productive over here, k?

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